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Executive Council


Abu Dhabi Executive Council is the local executive authority of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It assists the Ruler to carry out his duties and powers, through regular meetings to set the Emirate's general policy, set development plans and supervise its execution, authorize projects laws and decrees before submitting them to the Ruler, supervise work flow in departments, local entities, and coordinate among them, to achieve general well-being of the country.

In 1971, a Council of Ministers was formed in the Abu Dhabi Emirate by virtue of the provisions of Law No. (1) to reorganize the government apparatus. But in 1974, the said law was superseded and substituted with Law No. (1), which organized the government apparatus, renaming the "Council of Ministers" as the "Abu Dhabi Executive Council."

Al Hoson Meeting Room

Al Hosn Meeting room, located within Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court,  represents decisions and direction launching platform which support Abu Dhabi’s comprehensive development plan. Executive Council’s role is to support the ruler practice their duties and authority, through its executive sessions taking place regularly in “Al Hosn” meeting room to set public policies and development plans which elevate the emirate’s capacities on every aspect.


Archive Images of Executive Council Meeting