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General Secretariat of the Executive Council

General Secretariat of the Executive Council

The General Secretariat of the Executive Council is the administrative authority, entrusted with the responsibility of preparing the Executive Council’s meetings, as well as organizing its sessions, drafting its agenda and minutes, and keeping all its documents, in addition to other tasks, duties and responsibilities entrusted thereto in accordance with the provisions of this Law. In this respect, the General Secretary represents the supreme authority, responsible for facilitating the General Secretariat of the Executive Council’s business conduct.

The General Secretariat of the Executive Council's terms of reference include the following:

  • Studying the topics delegated by the Executive Council or its Chairman, and following up on the implementation of the instructions issued thereon.
  • Providing the Executive Council members with required support.
  • Providing the Executive Council with required support to make appropriate decisions, as well as facilitating its business conduct, including preparation and presentation affairs.
  • Following up on the implementation of the Executive Council's resolutions and legislation.
  • Following up on the Executive Council committees' performance administratively and legally, as well as submitting periodic reports in this respect.
  • Organizing the Executive Council and General Secretariat of the Executive Council's channels of communication with the federal entities, courts of rulers and crown princes, local executive councils, as well as international entities and other authorities determined by the Executive Council.
  • Overseeing diplomatic affairs and decrees in coordination with concerned, local and federal entities and other authorities as well, and developing their own policies and strategies and supervising their implementation.
  • Receiving, following up on and referring to the individuals and entities' complaints to the competent authorities, such as the Abu Dhabi Executive Office and the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority.
  • Providing a legal opinion on the issues presented to the Executive Council.
  • Reviewing and submitting a draft, local and federal laws, decrees, rules and regulations, resolutions, and agreements to the Executive Council for approval purposes.
  • Preparing and issuing Abu Dhabi's Official Gazette.