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Message from the Secretary General of the Executive Council


Out of its belief in the electronic outreachand desire to keep pace with Abu Dhabi’s steady development and growth, the General Secretariat of the Executive Council has launched this website with two main goals in mind; first, to interact with the local communities, second, to publicise the events carried out by various government entities allowing them to improve their service provision in order to accomplish the desired development goals in terms of higher quality.
The General Secretariat is committed to shouldering the role of proposing policies and strategies since it is the sole entity responsible for managing the Executive Council’s day-to-day activities including preparation, presentation, implementation and follow-up.
This websites provides you with key information, programs and services delivered to the public, as well as it keeps you updated on Abu Dhabi-related news. Therefore, it acts as a point of interface between the decision-maker and the entity providing the government services on one side and the service users on the other side.
We look forward to receiving your feedback on the quality of our services provided on this website so that we can improve them up to your expectation. For this purpose, the General Secretariat has recruited an integrated team to serve you according to the internationally accepted standards and to communicate with the public effectively and efficiently. Moreover, we invite you to interact with the government through the forum which allows all government departments and authorities learn about your comments and proposals regarding the services they deliver.

Dr. Ahmed Mubarak Al Mazrouei         
​​​Secretary - General of the Executive Council